My Top 10 Dog Products

My Top 10 Dog Products I was going through Monty’s stuff the other day. Tidying up his little chest of drawers and getting rid of a few items that he no longer needs or uses. I was surprised by how much we’ve accumulated over the last four years and seeing all this stuff got me thinking……of all the things I’ve bought or been given for Monty, which items could I not do without? Here’s what I came up with….. 1) Halti 6ft Training Lead Six feet long,... Read More

Product Reviews

From time to time, I test and review dog products that we think suitable for Labradors. All products are rigorously tested by Monty, the Labradors Worldwide Lab. If a product passes the test, it’s awarded the prestigious Labradors Worldwide ‘Lab Tested’ seal of approval! If you would like to suggest a product for review, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to get hold of a sample and put it to the ‘Lab Test’! Some of the products that I’ve... Read More