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Bake a Dog a Bone :: Book Review

Start a Dog Treat Business

Start your own dog treat business

Bake a Dog a Bone helped me start my very own dog treat business

Not so long ago, I was giving Monty, my chocolate Labrador, a treat. Usual scenario, I gave him the treat and it disappeared down his throat in a split second. Okay so he ate, or more to the point, swallowed the treat but I thought to myself “He couldn’t possibly have enjoyed that….he didn’t even have time to taste the damn thing!!!” Right there and then I decided there had to be a better way. I resolved to make my own treats. The kind of treat that couldn’t simply be gulped down, a big, crunchy, nutritious dog treat that Monty would actually enjoy eating.

So, I went looking for dog treat recipes on Google and stumbled upon ‘Bake a Dog a Bone’. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it caught my eye so I gave it a few minutes of my time. And boy I’m glad that I did!

In a nutshell, Bake a Dog a Bone is an e-book about starting your own dog treat business. As I mentioned earlier, not what I was looking for but it got me thinking. Maybe theres lots of other dog owners out there looking for big, crunchy dog treats? Maybe I could make a business out of this? You guessed it…..I bought the book!

A bit about Bake a Dog a Bone

A book about starting your own dog treat businessBake a Dog a Bone is written by Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram, two guys with impressive backgrounds in the pet industry. Chris is a director for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of pet products and Doug is president of a well respected publisher of pet industry information. Together, they make a formidable team!

The book  is a step-by-step guide for anyone wishing to start their own Dog Treat business. Bake a Dog a Bone contains a wealth of information and insider tips and techniques to get you started in what can be an incredibly lucrative business.

What Bake a Dog a Bone covers:

  • How to identify a profitable niche target market for your dog treats
  • How to avoid the number one mistake made by beginners in the pet bakery business
  • The best type of treats to make and sell
  • The ‘Golden Rule’ of customer care in the pet bakery business
  • The best strategy to test your marketing plan
  • Naming your company
  • Tips on where to sell your dog treats
  • Financial management
  • You get a free dog treat recipe book packed with 150 specially designed recipes
  • And much, much more….

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that Bake a Dog a Bone comes with a 100% money back guarantee. So, no risk whatsoever. It doesn’t get any better than that!! 😀

My Verdict:

Whats good about Bake a Dog a Bone?

You get a lot of very valuable information for your money with this book. The kind of info that would take you weeks and weeks to find out by yourself. It’s priced at just $29.95 (approx. £18 including VAT).

The book is incredibly easy to read and I really can’t think of a single area that hasn’t been covered. If you’re looking for a book about how to start a dog bakery, this is a ‘must have’!

In Summary:

I could go on and on telling you how much I love this book but I won’t. The fact that this book inspired and helped me to start my very own dog treat business says it all. If you’re thinking of starting your own dog treat business I have one piece of advice……buy Bake a Dog a Bone and just go for it!


Mister Monty's Dog TreatsMy Story

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I decided a few months ago that I wanted to start my own dog treat business. There was only one problem….I didn’t have a clue where to start. I believe that I got lucky when I found Bake a Dog a Bone. Without it I’m 100% certain that my dog treat business, Mister Monty’s Dog Treats, would never have got off the ground.

My dog treat business is still in it’s infancy but so far things are going great. Far better than I ever anticipated. I launched Mister Monty’s Dog Treats at a small show recently and the dogs there absolutely loved them! I’d sold out of one of my flavours (cheese) within two hours!!! Next time I’ll definitely be making more!

Running your own dog treat business can be a lot of work, especially in the beginning but take it from me, it’s FUN work not hard work!!!


Start your own dog treat business


  1. Sarah says

    Thanks for your article great help been thinking of this for years.what do you think of flea market stands. I am scared to fail but it is fun for me and my pets.

  2. Raquel says

    I loved reading your article. I have been making dog treats for over 6 years for my dogs and friends dogs and they just love my peanut butter treats in fact i just made a batch over the weekend and my dogs crunched them down within seconds. i have been thinking of starting my own business and reading your site convinced me I should go through with it. Living in California there are a lot of dogs and i think i will do very well. I was thinking of trying our local farmers market to see how they do. What do you think about selling at farmers markets?

    • Les says

      Hi Raquel. Farmers markets are a great place to sell dog treats. Go for it and I wish you all the best in your new venture!! 🙂

  3. Nina says

    Good luck! I’m always looking for ideas to start my business which is not easy for a foreigner here in Germany… My late yellow Lab was Monty <3

  4. says

    I just read your article and other info you have posted, WOW, you have done a great job gotten me very inspired! I would like your e-mail address or some way to contact you if you would not mind to ask a few more questions you seem like you know what to do to begin, I as well am thinking of doing EXACTLY the same as you have done, but like you DONT KNBOW WHERE TO BEGIN, now I do! I will definately get the book you suggested as it sounds like a big help….

    Thank you so very much for your posting, it is so very nice when someone like you have gone through all the tough stuff and then posted it to others to help them out, I really respect and admire people like you that just out of the goodness of their heart do things to help others, you are so kind! So thank you again, and your bags and treats look wonderful and so cleaver as well. If you could e-mail me at I would greatly appreciate, I have two (2) Border Collies whom have been taste testing my bones and treats some they like and some well stick their nose up at, although after a few moments and if I walk away they WILL EAT THEM ha ha, I guess they try to hide form me, they are very smart dogs. their favorite is the LIVER ones see this is what I am worried about those aret the best ones, yet not so sure about putting them in refridge ya know, or on labels do I have to state that etc…I have lots of questions, and you seem to me to be open with suggesstions and such, so I would love to just speak with you by mail, also it would be fun too. I live in the states, Las Vegas, Nevada..
    Anyway, again I thnk you for your info and I hope to hear from you soon, I also will try to find another way to contact you, if you have a website? or how else to contact you, I dont even know your name, Mine Is Carrie McKitterick

    Thank you so very much and hope to hear form you sooon,,,,, Have a great day
    Power to the DOG BONE/TREATS!!!! YEA

  5. Lydia Brugiet says

    I RECENTLY started making dog treats to sell. I sell them at comminson at a local feed store and gas station. I will get the book for better ideas. I really want to do this any was so glad to come across your article. I love dogs and have thirtyen dogs of my own mostly rescue dogs.

  6. Candace says

    Love your advice and comments. I am inspired to start a dog baking business too. Any hints, tricks or suggestions would be great. I will check out your website further.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with your business!


  7. Miriam says

    Wishing you every success with ‘Mister Monty’s Dog Treats’ – I know Jessie absolutely loved all the flavours and yes, she didn’t just horse them down in one, there was actually some crunching! I love the fact you care about the ingredients… makes them all the more special and ‘wholesome’ :))

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