Labrador Retriever of the week

Do Labradors shed a lot?

Yes..Labradors shed a lot!! Like humans, dogs shed hair, but some shed a lot more than others. Think about the poor four legged creature in the summer; you don’t wear a winter coat when it’s 25C outside and they don’t like to either! Unfortunately, this … Read Full Article

Elevated dog bed

Choosing a bed for your Labrador Retriever

Choosing a bed for our canine friends is an important ritual for every dog owner. Just as we spend hours and hours in IKEA, only to go back to the first choice after many long arguments, dogs can be equally as fickle. For those new to the minefield of dog … Read Full Article

The Labrador sticker store

The Labrador Sticker Store

Combining my passion for Labradors and my love of design and stickers, I decided to start The Labrador Sticker Store. My aim is to create stylish, fun designs with great quality stickers / decals at an affordable price. With price in mind, I decided that … Read Full Article