Duke the fox red Labrador

Labrador of the week – Duke

Name: Duke. How old are you? My birthday is 10th December 2015. Where do you live? North Yorkshire, England. Favorite food: Anything. I'm a Labrador. Favorite toy/toys: I love my toy watermelon. Hobbies: Swimming, swimming and more swimming. Who is … Read Full Article

Yellow Labrador Retriever Riley and a black Labrador in a river

Labrador of the week – Riley

Name: Riley. How old are you? Seven. My birthday is July 25th 2009. Where do you live? Graham, WA, USA. Favorite food: Turkey and ginger and pomegranate cookies Mom gets at the pet store. Favorite toy/toys: Bobbers from Dad's fishing … Read Full Article

Labrador Retriever Luna

Lab of the week – Luna

Name: Luna. How old are you? 5 and a half years. Where do you live? Israel. Favorite food: Apples. Favorite toy/toys: Everything I can chew on…my mommy buys me Kong toys so they won’t get destroyed easily. Hobbies: Stealing food, playing with my … Read Full Article